We are a professional non-profit trade association that provides a forum for communication between
firms and individuals engaged in the surety industry and related fields that affect suretyship.  Our
membership consists of surety and insurance companies, insurance agents, attorneys and
accountants.  A listing of our members according to profession is included on our web site.

Suretyship is an important part of the commercial insurance industry, although it is different in many
ways from typical insurance.  The two most common forms of surety bonding are:

Contract bonds that guarantee the proper completion of both commercial and private construction
projects.  Additional information regarding contract surety bonding can be found at the
Surety Information Office,


Commercial surety bonds, or non-contract bonds.  Commercial surety bonds include several
categories such as license and permit bonds, court and fiduciary, miscellaneous type bonds, public
and federal official bonds and financial institution bonds.  Of course this list is not all inclusive.

The Association goals are to:

Serve as a source of information on legislative and regulatory activity affecting the surety industry;

Educate and communicate programs designed to promote public understanding of, and confidence
in the surety industry;   

Report on national association issues.

SAO holds quarterly luncheon meetings in Portland.  Click on the events button to the left for current
meeting information.
Surety Association of Oregon